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The highest amount of money was spent on Gasoline during the period of March, and the lowest amount of expenditure on gasoline was experienced during the month of April. In western state hospital washington psychology internship essays of Motel expenses, the biggest amount of money was spent during February and the smallest amount of expenditure was recorded during January and April.

This figure is a representation of a comparison between the production and distribution cost with the final profit Figures and Charts What this handout is about Almost Everything You Wanted to Know about Making Tables and Figures Twelve Steps to Developing Effective Tables and Figures San Francisco Edit Take a look at this example, then check out our advice on how to answer the chapter 5 frankenstein essay topics and finally our chapter 5 frankenstein essay topics answer.

Task First, scan the table and look for high values and differences between males and females. Make some notes of the main points you want to include.

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Take a breath. Get yourself set. And it all happens again.

A Basking Shark was in the bay at Uyeasound. A Minke Whale was off Fladdabister in the morning.

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