English as a global language essay samples

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Gontarski, and Pierre Astier All of the general editors are members of the faculty of The Ohio State University.

English as a global language essay samples -

Engineering colleges were established to feed the enormous demand for expertise. Together with rapid growth of small business, a new middle class was quickly growing, especially in northern cities. The Second Industrial Revolution continued into the twentieth century with early factory electrification and the production line, and ended at the start of the World War I.

The Gilded Age was marked by increased mechanization in manufacturing. Businesses searched for cheaper and more essy ways to create products. Corporate english as a global language essay samples used various techniques, such as timing their workers with stopwatches and using stop-motion photography, to study the production process and improve efficiency.

The records on hand were for cash receipts and disbursements only. Actual balance sheets and profit and loss statements that had been prepared for the former owner for tax purposes were also available.

A person who was a reasonably capable bookkeeper and general office factotum had been inherited with the business.

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